Island Glass and Mirror Staff Christmas Photo 1986
Staff photo,
Christmas 1986
Original Shop Location, 1958
City of Richmond Archives, Photograph #1988 18 18
Island Glass was established in 1952 by Lyle & Helen Grath. It then moved to the Greig family when it was purchased in 1966 by James Greig and his kid brother George.

It was originally located in the heart of Richmond at No 3 Rd and Granville across from City Hall.

In 1972 George bought the business from James was joined in the following years by his three sons Kevin, Brent, and Michael. They went on to purchase the business from their dad in 1986 but soon outgrew their location and moved to the Riverside Business Park in 1996. In 1999 they built their new state of the art facility on Hammermith Gate where they continue to service customers in the Lower Mainland.

George grew the business with his three sons and retired in 1989. It is now run by his three sons, Kevin, Brent and Mike.

At the heart of Island Glass is our Core Values that help define who we are as a team.
  • Deliver quality work, quickly
  • Respect for our customers, our staff, and our company
  • Experience and advice our customers can trust
  • Support for staff development, success, and happiness

Because of this outlook we’ve been fortunate to have a host of long serving employees, many of whom have been with us for decades, and others who’ve grown with us right out of high school. Their initiative, creativity and hard work is the main reason Island Glass & Mirror continues to thrive.
A business is only as good as it’s team. And we have a great team.